Pacific Northwest Uncommon & Responsible Explorations

PURE is a network of local businesses with sustainable and experiential tourism products collaborating to support one another in a common effort to promote and support the sustainable tourism industry environmentally, socially and economically in the Pacific Northwest. As a non‐profit professional association, PURE exists to serve its members while working towards its mission and vision.

The PURE Mission:

To shape and promote the Pacific Northwest as a sustainable and experiential travel destination.

The PURE Story:

PURE was founded in 2009 by a group of travel and hospitality professionals with a commitment to sustainability who recognized the benefits of of sharing ideas, information and resources with others in the industry who share their “green” sensibility. The group created PURE with the goal to build the capacity for sustainable tourism in the Pacific Northwest and to promote the region in the national and international sustainable tourism market.

Who PURE Serves:

PURE serves Pacific Northwest‐based, small‐scale travel businesses dedicated to experiential travel and committed to sustainability. Businesses, organizations and individuals can become a PURE Member or, provided they meet or exceed a more stringent standard of sustainability, a member of the P.U.R.E. Peak Alliance.

Businesses that can benefit from PURE membership include:
•    Lodging facilities
•    Restaurants and culinary trail/culinary loop groups
•    Wineries, wine groups, growing cooperatives
•    Tour operators of every kind (land, water, specialty tours)
•    Farms that focus on agritourism
•    Transportation companies that move explorers
•    Attractions (museums, ranches, maritime, etc.)
•    Parks and natural areas
•    Destination Marketing Organizations
•    Interpreters (nature, geology, history/archaeology, etc.)
•    Guides and Outfitters

Why choose PURE membership? Here are just some of the reasons PURE is unique:

  • Local knowledge
  • Sustainability Education
  • Grassroots community based travel cooperative with a purpose
  • Member marketing resources
  • EverGreen Escapes preferred vendor status
  • Pacific NW Vacations preferred vendor status
  • Sustainable Travel International Relationship and Benefits
  • International tourism education
  • International market promotion and exposure
  • Discounted services available from PURE members

PURE member benefits

Become a PURE member!


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